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How To Get The Best Result When Pressure Washing

The following are tips to help you achieve the very best results whenever you pressure wash.

#1: Ignore the spiders

Spider webs are almost impossible to remove by means of a pressure washer. Go back to the old school way by using a dusty wand or a broom to remove sticky webs and materials before you pressure wash.

#2: Presoak with little pressure

By presoaking the area using a low-pressure spray, the dirt can get loosen. This can help you save time and cost for chemicals will also reduce.

#3: Recommended Materials

Use only detergents or chemicals recommended for the item you want to pressure wash. Look for a product that isn’t just recommended solely by the manufacturers of pressure washer but is also approved for that surface you are cleaning. For instance, concrete roads or driveways will work better using a different solution than the siding area of your home.

#4: Go Hot

Hot water works better than cold water when removing or cleaning dirt and it also allows you to use fewer cleaning solutions. As with home washing, hot water performs a good job by releasing stuck on dirt.

#5: Up and down

Wash properly from the bottom to the top, then rinse from up to down. Work in sections so that you can wash and also rinse immediately so the cleaning solution does not get dried. The water should be directed downward in order to force dirt down instead of having it wedge on steams and cracks.

#6: Water pressure

Commercial contractors usually make use of 4 – 6 gallons per minute (gpm) from 1500 – 3500 pounds per square inch for most tasks. Most home jobs can work with slightly less force at 3 gpm and 3000 per square inch. Wood is a bit different because it can get destroyed if too much pressure is applied. Whenever you clean a wooden structure, tilt to 500 to 2000 per square inch.

#7: Nozzle selection

The nozzle you select has two major considerations: the size of the hole and the spray angle. Both characteristics determine psi and gpm. A larger nozzle implies that psi is minimized, but the flow stays the same. Spray angles are angles ranging from 65 degrees to 25 degrees, and an average of 40 degrees, which is a favorite among experts. A smaller spray angle has the capability of removing stubborn dirt, but also increases the possibility of damages and scratches.

However, there is nothing that beats getting a quality pressure washer in the first place. That is the reason you should use such reliable pressure washer suppliers like laveuse a prission industriel Unimanix  when you decide to invest in one.

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