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How to Organise Short-Term Cover

Many small business owners find it difficult to compete with larger enterprises because of their limited budgets and smaller workforce. One of the most important things that you will need to focus on in the modern work environment is to provide adequate support services to your customers. The reason why so many customers prefer dealing with smaller companies instead of buying from a bigger enterprise is because they expect tailored service. However, for the business owner, it’s difficult to provide adequate cover.

Smaller businesses can’t afford to set up a separate department for providing support. However, most people expect 24/7 customer service from local companies, especially if you are selling globally. In several smaller companies, the support is provided by the employees only. So, if you don’t have employees available in the office around the clock, customers are likely to get disgruntled. If you have employees who are tasked with focusing on providing support, you might want to make alternate arrangements at some point in time.

 In certain situations, you might want to take your employees on a team retreat. If there’s no one in the office, you will need to make temporary arrangements. You can organise short-term cover for your business whilst on holiday this summer by contacting a private company that takes messages and offers virtual assistance services. Here are a few things that you should know about organising short-term cover.

Find a Local Company

The first thing you need to do is to find a local company that specialises in taking down messages and offering support options. You can search online for different companies that offer message-taking services. Since you are only looking for temporary cover, you can get in touch with a sales representative to find out the prices for the temporary cover. It’s important that you get an affordable quote from a local company to find out whether they are a suitable choice for cover or not.


Most of the companies that offer message-taking services usually offer several packages. The basic package simply offers conventional support, which includes message-taking features. However, if you want a more expensive package, you will get additional cover that includes telephonic conversations and direct message relaying as well.

If you have bigger clients that you need to provide cover for, it’s important that you choose a better package so that they get direct cover. If you are on holiday on a team retreat, you can just give your contact details to the message-taking company. They will handle your account and take messages from different clients. If there’s an urgent message, the message-taking service will contact you and deliver the message. You can also get in touch with the client directly and discuss your needs. Before you leave on a trip, you should always organise short-term cover for your company. It can save you a great deal of company and also preserve your company’s goodwill in the long run.

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