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The Benefits of an Online Single Central Record

One of the main roles of a school administration is to ensure that all teachers and staff are DBS checked, and with online single central records that are linked to the DBS service, compliance is achieved with the minimum of effort. Simply register your school at onlinescr, then you can import your single central record into their cloud-based system, and this enables you to call for a range of screening checks at the click of a mouse.

Comprehensive Service

When you are about to hire new staff, the system will automatically send the forms to the applicant, and when completed, will be sent to check for ID. Once this is established, the application is then sent to DBS, while the results of online DBS checks are automatically added to your single central record.

Easy to Use Interface

You don’t need to be a computer wizard to use this unique service, and from the user interface you can order any type of DBS check, and there’s even a reminder notification that tells you what type of checks are required for that particular position. Of course, there is a fee for each DBS check, which is added to the government fee, and this service, along with many others, is available to members.

This cloud based system will ensure that you comply with OFSTED regarding DBS checking, and it also takes the headache out of the process. Join today and you can begin to take advantage of a secure online service.

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